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Understand what you'll need to retire comfortably

Authored by Family Wealth Advisor, Christopher Jardine, CFP®, this guide is intended to help retirees (or those looking forward to their golden years) get the most out of them.

Sometimes, hyper-focusing on financial success forces physical and mental well-being to take the backseat. Holistic planning, the cornerstone of our approach to helping clients live the life of their dreams, recognizes that being able to afford your desired lifestyle only matters if you actually can enjoy it.

Inside this guide, you'll learn...

  • What you should look at when assessing your financial wellbeing

    A good way to start is by using the 8-step checklist included in this guide, to create a picture of your finances, health, and wellness.

  • What else you should be thinking about?

    Understanding potential risks, getting ahead of them during the planning stage, mitigating unnecessary risks to your portfolio and yourself, and looking towards a long-lived, worthwhile retirement.

  • How will I afford a retirement worth retiring to?

    6 tips for those wondering how they can not only afford retirement, but making sure it's lasting and meaningful. 


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