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The Bellwether difference

The best of big and small

Whether you’re an affluent family or an institutional investor, it is our responsibility to help you meet the needs of the present while safeguarding the future, especially during uncertain times. Here’s how our approach to investment management is special, and how it benefits you.


N0.1 Your interests come first.

Every investment decision made on behalf of Bellwether clients, whether they're a foundation or family, is made by a portfolio manager. Portfolio managers are true fiduciaries, meaning we must always act in our clients’ best interests and be able to prove it. Our conduct is also governed by the Asset Managers Code of Professional Conduct as defined by the CFA Institute.


N0.2 Your money is managed with the highest degree of security and discretion.

At Bellwether, you get the same level of protection and security as a bank because your money is held by a third-party "custodian" that keeps it safe and separate from its accounts. If any of our custodians went bankrupt, your money would be guaranteed by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund Bellwether is also audited every year by an independent third party—MNP LLP, a leading national accounting firm.

N0.3 You are treated like a person, not a number.

We offer a personalized experience that big banks, financial planning behemoths and large institutional asset managers can’t provide. That being said, we’re large enough to offer our clients innovative alternative investment opportunities that are typically available only to large investors such as pension plans.

N0.4 You know when, to whom, and how much you’re paying in fees.

As a Bellwether client, you pay a small, standardized fee each year for our services. This fee is based on your total portfolio value, not the buying or selling of your investments. Because you’re the only one who pays us, you can count on independent, unbiased decision-making.

Find out for yourself if we walk our talk.


N0.5 Your investments are based on a strategy that is tailored to your circumstances and goals.

Every Bellwether client has an investment policy statement—a document that guides the actions of your portfolio managers based on your investment objectives, including risk tolerance and expectation of return.

N0.6 Your portfolio is managed to reduce risk.

Unlike our industry as a whole, Bellwether’s portfolio managers give as much—and sometimes more—attention to potential risks as to returns. We’re tactical in our asset mix, proactively shifting the relative weighting of cash, fixed income and equities to position for opportunity or reduce risk. Because we’re free from the influences and potential conflicts that large financial institutions are subject to, we can make rapid, unbiased decisions that protect your interests.

N0.7 You receive regular, clear information that allows you to track performance against goals.

Meaningful communication is at the heart of every good relationship. We provide easy-to-understand quarterly and annual reports, encourage you to meet with a portfolio manager at any time to discuss your investments in detail, and offer opportunities to learn about investing. All three will help you be a well-informed and confident participant in determining the financial future of your family or organization.

N0.8 Your returns are the result of a proven, repeatable process.

Fear and greed motivate poor investment decisions. We eliminate emotional decision-making from our work and help our clients do the same with a process that emphasizes objective performance measures and prudent risk management.


Are you on the right track? We'll tell you—for free!

Are you invested in the right things to reach your goals? Is your risk tolerance actually reflected in your portfolio? Are you paying too much in fees? Bring us your performance report from your bank or broker and we'll offer our advice.


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