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Growth at the speed of you.

Affluent families that want to accomplish their financial goals and secure their family's future trust Bellwether to be the financial planning and investment experts, so they don't have to be. We offer holistic financial planning services and disciplined, prudent portfolio management all in one place—an approach that inspires confidence and minimizes the organizational burden on busy families.

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We meet as many times as necessary to review your goals and determine how we can help you get there.


We present custom solutions for your situation, including a plan to monitor progress and report back to you.


We review your existing investments and, if you like, your insurance, tax, estate, charitable giving and business approaches to see how they line up with your goals.


We do the work to achieve your outcomes. This may mean coaching you on personal financial behaviour changes.


We track progress as planned, reporting on performance and making adjustments in consultation with you.

There’s nothing cookie cutter about you. Why settle for a cookie cutter approach?

Too often, affluent families are offered investment products that were designed for the masses or for large pension plans. There are limited choices, and they weren’t built with you in mind. When you work with Bellwether, our investment team handcrafts your portfolio according to your goals and needs from more than 4,300 stocks that trade in North America, as well as fixed income options and exchange-traded funds. That way you have the best of all worlds—steady income, prudent capital growth, capital protection, and tax advantages—in the proportions that work for you. We also offer socially responsible investing options, if you want to put your money where your values are.

But there is more to achieving financial goals than simply investing well. Our family wealth advisors can help you with succession planning, philanthropy, taxes, real estate, education planning, insurance, business advice and more so you and your loved ones are secure today and tomorrow. Best of all, these financial planning services are integrated with our investment management services, for consistent strategy and no broken telephone.


Portfolio management

Together, we'll create your customized investment policy statement that will determine the right investment management strategy and identify an ideal asset allocation to maximize your returns with less risk and lower fees.

Business planning

If you're a business owner, we'll help you identify ways to manage your business for personal financial benefit.

Charitable giving

We'll help you with how, what, when and where to give to maximize the impact of your philanthropy for you and the causes you support.

Risk management

Want to ensure you're adequately insured to protect your loved ones? Smoothly transition your wealth from one generation to the next? We'll help you do both.

Tax efficiency

Sometimes it's not what you make but what you keep that matters. We help you with tax planning, so you keep more.

How do we compare?

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