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Pedalling hard to hit your targets

Bellwether's institutional investment team provides customized portfolio management for foundations, trusts, pension plans and for-profit and non-profit organizations. We specialize in providing big-firm investment management expertise with small-firm personalized attention.



Experience with the big guys.
Soft spot for the little guys.

Our institutional investment team has more than 20 years of experience working for some of the largest institutional investment players in the country. We've managed some of Canada's largest pension plans and institutional accounts totalling $6B, but what we really love is offering hands-on, personalized help to smaller pension plans, foundations and corporate investors. We want to help you avoid the inevitable investment losses that come from dumping your portfolio manager by creating a partnership based on confidence, education and results.


  • Support for identifying investment goals, targets and risk tolerance, including ensuring investments align with organizational mandates and philosophies (for example, socially responsible investing)

  • One-stop customized asset management

  • Access to diverse strategies, including North American dividend growth, private equity, alternative fixed income, bonds and ETFs, to take advantage of market opportunities and minimize risk

  • Personalized attention, including ongoing education of your investment committee members, from a team member dedicated to your account

  • Reportable evidence that you’re meeting your due diligence requirements

  • Low fees

We invest for consistency.

If you sit on the investment committee of a pension plan, foundation, trust or corporation, there will be objective measures of success that you are responsible for achieving. A disciplined, rational, hands-on approach—which is best practice in every investment scenario—is critical here.

tactical asset allocation strategy combined with one of our investment strategies is an excellent choice for investment committees. When you need to hit specific annual targets, you don't have the luxury of using a traditional buy-and-hold strategy, which asks you to weather market volatility for long term gains. With tactical asset allocation, we shift between different segments of the market to ensure you are optimally invested, so your annual returns are more likely to meet your committee's definition of success.


Invite us to your next board meeting

We enjoy sharing our investment expertise with the community. If you're in charge of the investment assets for a foundation, trust, pension plan or corporate account and would like to increase your investment knowledge, we'd love to help.


  • ETFs and the institutional investment portfolio
  • How diversified are we?
  • Investment approaches: Tactical asset allocation versus buy and hold
  • Responsible investing 101
  • Different approaches to managing risk
  • Establishing key performance indicators for your investments
  • The hidden costs of chasing performance
  • Developing a process to evaluate your portfolio manager
  • Selecting a portfolio manager when you can't afford a consultant's help

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