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Whether you're retired or in your prime earning years, a financial calculator will help you make better decisions—for your investments and for your life. Try one of our free financial calculators to crunch your numbers and improve your financial future!

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Learn the four key criteria that the best financial planners and fund managers use to determine the right investment approach for their clients, then take our quiz to find out if ETFs are for you.

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"Risk, Financial Markets & You: Your Guide to Making Better Financial Decisions"

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This book by Bellwether portfolio manager and ETF strategist, Alan Fustey, offers a unique examination of the hurdles investors must overcome to make successful investment decisions. Alan draws lessons and offers practical solutions that will benefit even the most experienced investors. He combines anecdotes of investing mistakes to create an entertaining account of how investors can triumph over themselves and the financial advice industry to create investment success.

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For more than 15 years, Bellwether Family Wealth Advisor Alan Cameron has been a sought-after host of financial programming on Toronto radio. He currently hosts the Sunday Money Show on NEWSTALK 1010, a live, call-in radio program covering a wide variety of investment and financial planning topics. Listen live every second Sunday from 2 to 3 pm EST, or access the latest shows by clicking the button.

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