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One of Bellwether's core values is to ensure our clients are kept well informed on market activity and investing in general. We believe it is important for investors to go beyond the news bytes and media headlines that so often represent "market noise" and not sound investing.

Should you come across a book, article or web site that you feel would help educate like minded investors please send it to us.

Therefore, an important part of our role is to help educate clients. This Resource Centre is a good source of investment information that our clients can use to inform themselves on the principles of sound investing.

We are always interested in new information and literature that can help make the Bellwether Resource Centre one of the most informative sites.

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Key Links

There are numerous websites available for investors to visit, however the sites found in this section of the Bellwether Resource Centre are ones which we at Bellwether use and find helpful in keeping current on market activity and information.

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Periodically, we will feature news articles and commentary that Bellwether feels is relevant to our clients and their investments. These articles will represent a broad investment spectrum, and are the views of the author. While many will feature companies that Bellwether has on their investment radar, and in fact may currently be included in the Bellwether strategies, they should not be construed as Bellwether investment recommendations.

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Bellwether Insight

Bellwether Insight is written by our Investment team, providing a brief commentary on specific market events and our market outlook.

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Bellwether News

Bellwether has evolved into a premier boutique Investment Management Company with several milestones along the way. The Bellwether News section is a quick way to share with clients and investors in general the roadmap that has been taken to achieve Bellwether's current market success. Looking ahead we expect many more successes and are delighted to be able to share these with investors.

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As an investor you are well aware there are several books available for interested investors. All of us at Bellwether have put our list of favourites together for your reading enjoyment. We will continue to update this list as we come across publications that we feel will be of interest to investors. Please drop us an email should you have a personal favourite that you want to share with other investors.

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This section will be of interest to investors who want the Bellwether perspective on investing, and how Bellwether can provide tailored investment solutions for those seeking superior returns from their portfolios. With over 140 years combined experience in the investment industry, the Bellwether Investment team are well qualified to present their view.

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