A Fresh Approach to Investment Services

Bellwether Investment Management Inc. ("Bellwether") is a boutique investment manager that offers tailored investment solutions for High Net Worth investors, Foundations, Estates and Trusts utilizing its proprietary "Disciplined Dividend Growth" Investment Process.

It is our investment experience and the "Disciplined Dividend Growth" process that when combined deliver results for our clients...

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Our Team

The Bellwether team is deep with investment experience led by two partners who have over 40 years combined experience. The unique skills of each team member work together to provide a strong foundation for our disciplined portfolio process and client service. The team has an average of 25 years experience in the investment industry. Our independence and agility as a small, highly focused team, is a client benefit.

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Our Investment Approach

Our goal is to produce superior returns defined by the unique needs of each client. Too often, High Net Worth (HNW) investors are given “cookie cutter” products in an attempt to meet their distinct needs. These products are typically designed for the masses or for large institutions. We believe that HNW investors need and deserve tailored solutions. Bellwether specializes in constructing portfolios that provide a growing stream of dividend income with reasonable capital growth and inflation protection. We focus on North American equities and fixed income where we have significant expertise, reliable information, and abundant opportunities. Our "Disciplined Dividend Growth" investment process is the key to producing results.

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