Our team

Bob Sewell Headshot

Bob Sewell

President and CEO

Susan Schulze Headshot

Susan Schulze

Chief Operations Officer

Steve Meehan Headshot

Steven Meehan


Carlo Pannella Headshot

Carlo Pannella

Chief Financial Officer, Lorne Park Capital Partners Inc.

Kari Tavener Headshot

Kari Tavener

Chief Compliance Officer

Craig Ellis Headshot

Craig Ellis

Vice President and Portfolio Manager

Eli Papakirykos Headshot

Eli Papakirykos

Associate Portfolio Manager

Wayne Wiggins Headshot

Wayne Wiggins

Vice President and Portfolio Manager

Diana Bristow Headshot

Diana Bristow

Vice President and Associate Portfolio Manager

Alex Campeis Headshot

Alex Campeis

Manager, Operations

Agnes Lim Headshot

Agnes Lim

Operations Analyst

Adam Murrell Headshot

Adam Murrell

Team Lead, Client Transitions

Nick Rybka Headshot

Nick Rybka

Corporate Operations Analyst

Natalie Soucy Headshot

Natalie Soucy

Office Manager and Human Resources Administrator

Theresa Kelly Headshot

Theresa Kelly

Portfolio Administrator

Caroline O'Brien Headshot

Caroline O'Brien

Portfolio Administrator

Linda Inthahack Headshot

Linda Inthahack

Portfolio Administrator

Aaron Fung

Aaron Fung

Portfolio Administrator

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