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Investment & Wealth Management in Oakville

About us

Bellwether Investment Management Inc. is a hand-picked team of portfolio managers and family wealth advisors from across Canada, brought together to achieve a single goal: yours.

Our investment team provides customized portfolio management for individuals, foundations, trusts, pension plans, and for-profit and non-profit organizations. We specialize in providing big-firm investment management expertise with small-firm personalized attention.

Whether you’re an affluent family or an institutional investor, it is our responsibility to help you meet the needs of the present while safeguarding the future—especially during uncertain times. If you’re ready to spread your wings, let’s fly. Together.


How we're different

The best response to an ever-changing world is to do things differently. Here’s how our approach to investment management is different from traditional investment approaches—and how it benefits you.



Investment objectives
Investment policy
Asset allocation
Investment management
Monitoring portfolio performance

Financial planning

Financial plan
Retirement projection
Income diversification plan
Education funding

Estate planning

Inter-generational wealth transfer
Wills and trusts
Power of attorney
Charitable giving
Guaranteed funds

Tax planning

Personal tax planning
Tax-free savings accounts
Tax preparation

Business owners

Individual pension plans
Group benefit plan
Group RRSPs
Business tax planning
Business succession planning


Risk management

Life insurance
Critical illness insurance
Long-term care insurance
Mortgage insurance


  • WHAT

    A strategy that invests in well established companies that trade on a North American exchange and have a sustainable dividend yield that's expected to rise in the future.

  • WHO

    A good fit for income-oriented, low-risk profile investors.


    The key benefit is higher dividend yield with lower volatility. Contact us to discuss additional benefits of this strategy.


  • WHAT

    This strategy invests in niche private lending opportunities (real estate lending, supply chain finance, short-term private asset-based lending and royalty streaming) as well as public market investments.

  • WHO

    Everyone, to varying degrees. This strategy is used in all portfolios, in combination with one of our equity strategies, to generate higher income than traditional fixed income options.


    This strategy offers higher returns than traditional fixed income options. Contact us to discuss additional benefits of this strategy.


  • WHAT

    This strategy invests in a truly global mix of assets, including developed and emerging market equities, bonds and commodities, using exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

  • WHO

    A good fit for growth-oriented investors with a longer time horizon.


    The most important benefit of our global ETF strategy is better risk-reduced returns. Contact one of our ETF Strategists to learn more about the benefits of our strategy.

Who's in charge of what?

As a Bellwether client, you get everything you need, all in one place.


Bellwether Family Wealth is our team of family wealth advisors, dedicated to helping clients with all of their financial, estate, and tax planning needs. As relationship managers, they get to know you; learn about your hopes and fears for the future, and then work with a portfolio manager to put it all together in a holistic financial plan that reflects your financial aspirations. We also check in with you regularly so the plan can be adjusted as your circumstances change. 


Bellwether Investment Management is where your plan is put into action. A portfolio manager will meet with you to establish your investment objectives and determine the investment solution that best suits your needs; then manages your portfolio and monitors performance to ensure you're on track. You can always book a meeting with your portfolio manager to discuss the specifics of your investments, but most of our clients are confident simply knowing that we're all working together to help them achieve their goals. 


Together, your family wealth team and portfolio management team make sure you have everything you need to enjoy the journey and reach your desired destination-even when your plans change.

5-step process

If life is a journey, then your financial plan is your road map and your investment program is where the rubber hits the road. Your Bellwether team will help you chart a course, prepare wisely for the trip, make any necessary adjustments and be your trusted travel companion.


We meet as many times as necessary to review your goals and determine how we can help you get there. This is our opportunity to get to know you, your family and your life priorities


We present custom solutions for your situation, including a plan to monitor progress and report back to you.


We review your existing investments and, if you would like, your insurance, tax, estate, charitable giving and business approaches to see how they line up with your goals.


We do the work to achieve your outcomes. This may mean coaching you on personal financial behaviour changes.


We track progress as planned, reporting on performance and making adjustments in consultation with you.


Can I afford to retire?

"Risk, Financial Markets & You: Your Guide to Making Better Financial Decisions"

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