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Centralized investment process

Our centralized investment process is managed by a team of experienced portfolio managers, so you can focus on growing your practice.

We're able to reduce clients’ portfolio risk using our established investment policy statements, our tactical asset allocation decisions and our diversification into alternative investments—such as asset-based lending and infrastructure.


SERVING YOUR CLIENTS Centralized trading

We take care of the investments so you can invest more time in your clients

Partnering with a team of dedicated investment managers will provide a professional experience for your clients, while unburdening you of the cash raising and portfolio re-balancing processes. Our Portfolio Managers look after your clients' portfolios, so you can look after your clients.

The centralized discretionary trading process allows us to treat all of our clients equally. It also takes administrative work—like management fees—off your desk, which frees up time for you to explore your current clients' wealth plans further and gives you room to grow.

INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS Tailor-made portfolios
to fit every client's needs

Not all investors are alike; so, they need investment solutions that acknowledge and reflect their differences. We believe that, for most clients, a combination of public and private market investments allows us to effectively manage portfolio volatility and risk. We offer distinct income and growth investment solutions in order to meet the needs of our clients.

INCOME Public Market

North American Dividend Income Solution

Designed for investors who are looking for an equity portfolio that produces a higher dividend yield than the North American stock markets, with lower volatility.

Core objectives: maximize after-tax income and provide inflation protection through steady dividend growth.

INCOME Private Market

Alternative Income Fund Solution

Combines lending strategies with a variety of public market investments, with attractive yields, into this proprietary pooled fund. While a number of the underlying investments require longer-term time commitments from their investors, the public market investments that we hold in the fund will provide our clients with monthly liquidity if required.

Benefits: higher risk-adjusted yield; diversification—by manager, strategy, term, and debtor; robust risk controls to protect capital; greater price stability; access to proven institutional strategies at a low cost; rigorous monitoring of managers; low correlation to public market investments can potentially reduce downside volatility in portfolios.


Adaptive Global Tactical ETF Solution

This solution profits from global economic growth and diversifies against heightened market volatility. Rapidly developing markets are driving global growth and equity returns; yet, most Canadians' portfolios are invested in slow growth developed G7 economies. This solution redresses this weakness, with a truly global mix of assets, including both developed and emerging market equities, bonds and commodities.

The result: better risk-reduced returns.

Looking to grow your business?

Bellwether offers support that enables you to do your job more efficiently. Foster deeper relationships with your clients, and free up time to devote to new business.

Thinking about transitioning your business?

Bellwether offers succession planning and support to Advisors who are looking to retire in the near future. With our unique model, you won't have to worry about who will buy your book when you choose to retire. No need to search for a successor. 

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