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About us

At Bellwether Family Wealth | Haskings Financial, we put ourselves at the centre of your financial affairs so that we can see the complete picture and ensure the advice and guidance you receive is in your best interest. We start by taking an in-depth look at every aspect of your financial life, and then we work with you to create a comprehensive plan that sets you on the best course to achieve your goals and dreams.

Traditionally, most people deal with different professionals for their investment, insurance, tax and estate planning needs. But doing so is not only time-consuming, it's ineffective. Each professional you deal with will only have one piece of the puzzle. You may end up receiving conflicting opinions, or worse, advice in one area that may negatively impact another. When you work with Bellwether, you get a holistic approach that focuses on both the big picture and the details to protect your family tree.


We are part of a bigger family

Bellwether Family Wealth offices are part of the Bellwether Investment Management Inc. team. Bellwether is a hand-picked team of portfolio managers and family wealth advisors from across Canada.


Financial planning

Financial plan
Retirement projection
Income diversification plan
Education funding


Investment objectives
Investment policy
Asset allocation
Investment management
Monitoring portfolio performance

Estate planning

Inter-generational wealth transfer
Wills and trusts
Power of attorney
Charitable giving
Guaranteed funds

Tax planning

Personal tax planning
Tax-free savings accounts
Tax preparation

Business owners

Individual pension plans
Group benefit plan
Group RRSPs
Business tax planning
Business succession planning


Risk management

Life insurance
Critical illness insurance
Long-term care insurance
Mortgage insurance

Who's in charge of what?

As a Bellwether client, you get everything you need, all in one place.


Bellwether Family Wealth | Haskings Financial is your primary point of contact for all your financial planning needs. We get to know you and your hopes and fears for the future, putting it all together in your financial plan. We also check in with you regularly so the plan can be adjusted as your circumstances change. 


Bellwether Investment Management is where your plan is put into action. The portfolio management team establishes your investment objectives, manages your portfolio and monitors performance to ensure you're on track. You can always book a meeting with a portfolio manager to discuss the specifics of your investments, but most of our clients are confident simply knowing that we're all working together to help them achieve their goals. 


Together, your family wealth team and portfolio management team make sure you have everything you need to enjoy the journey and reach your desired destination-even when your plans change.

5 step process

If life is a journey, then your financial plan is your road map and your investment program is where the rubber hits the road. Your Bellwether team will help you chart a course, prepare wisely for the trip, make any necessary adjustments and be your trusted travel companion.


We meet as many times as necessary to review your goals and determine how we can help you get there. This is our opportunity to get to know you, your family and your life priorities


We present custom solutions for your situation, including a plan to monitor progress and report back to you.


We review your existing investments and, if you would like, your insurance, tax, estate, charitable giving and business approaches to see how they line up with your goals.


We do the work to achieve your outcomes. This may mean coaching you on personal financial behaviour changes.


We track progress as planned, reporting on performance and making adjustments in consultation with you.


Can I afford to retire?

"Risk, Financial Markets & You: Your Guide to Making Better Financial Decisions"

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