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Understand what you'll need to retire comfortably

How Far Will $500,000 Last in Retirement? A step-by-step guide to create your retirement plan was created by Family Wealth Advisor, Christopher Jardine CFP®, to help pre-retirees in Canada answer the age-old question: "how much will I need for retirement?"

At first glance, $500,000 seems like a reasonable nest egg-half a million dollars is a substantial sum-but when you actually do the math, you might be surprised how quickly you could burn through it.

Inside this guide, you'll learn...

  • What you should look at when assessing your financial wellbeing

    A good way to start is by using the 8-step checklist included in this guide, to create a picture of your financial wellbeing.

  • What else you should be thinking about?

    Understanding some potential risks, and considering them in the planning stage, can help you mitigate unnecessary risk, and ensure it's properly managed.

  • What if $500,000 isn't enough?

    6 tips for those who are concerned that $500,000 won't be enough for their retirement. 

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