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How much is your business worth?

A business valuation is a critical piece of information whether your business goal is to grow or go. You can use our appraisal of your financial planning business to make informed decisions about your future.

Why get a business appraisal?

  • Establish a baseline

    Even if you're not planning on selling your business, your first valuation sets a baseline against which you can measure future valuations (just be careful that those doing the appraisal are using similar methods so you're comparing apples to apples). This is helpful if you may want to wind up your business in the future or want to measure your growth against something.

  • Realistically assess your retirement plans

    If the quality of your retirement years will largely depend on the value of your business, you'll want a realistic appraisal of its worth to determine when and how you'll want to wind things down.

  • Know what others think your business is worth

    You probably have a ballpark number in your head, but it's critical to have an appraisal in-hand as a reality check. This can make things go more smoothly with potential buyers, family members and the tax man.

Let's get started

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