Mathieu Bournival CIM


Prior to joining the team, Mathieu worked as a combat engineer in the Canadian Forces Reserve, and TD Private Wealth for 8 years, in Orangeville. He has also worked as an Analyst for Commercial Banking in Ottawa and Barrie and worked on multiple financing deals for Dental Practice purchases.

Mathieu likes a challenge and enjoys solving puzzles; any opportunity to leverage creative thinking to find a solution that is outside of the box really motivates him. In his spare time, he spends a lot of time hiking with his dog, exploring trails in the area; also doing Brazilian Jujitsu and Spinning to stay active. Mathieu enjoys barbecuing and cooking at home; often exploring new recipes whenever he can.


  • mathieu.bournival@bellvest.ca
  • 905.337.2227 Ext. 227
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