Growth at the speed of you


Growth at the speed of you

Affluent investors work with Bellwether to achieve their target return, insulate their investments against market volatility, decrease the fees they're paying and, perhaps most important, ensure peace of mind. Disciplined, prudent portfolio management and personalized service are hallmarks of our approach. The bottom line? People like working with us. And they like the results we get, too.



There’s nothing cookie cutter about you.
Why settle for a cookie cutter investment portfolio?

Too often, affluent individuals are offered investment products that were designed for the masses or for large pension plans. There are limited choices, and they weren’t built with you in mind. When you work with Bellwether, our investment team handcrafts your portfolio according to your goals and needs from more than 4,300 stocks that trade in North America, as well as fixed income options and exchange-traded funds. That way you have the best of all worlds: steady income, prudent capital growth, capital protection, and tax advantages.

Unlike our industry as a whole, Bellwether’s portfolio managers give as much—and sometimes more—attention to potential risks as to returns. We’re tactical in our asset mix, proactively shifting the relative weighting of cash, fixed income and equities to position for opportunity or reduce risk. Because we’re free from the influences and potential conflicts that large financial institutions are subject to, our investment committee can make rapid, unbiased decisions that protect your interests.

Investments that achieve your objectives

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“We believe in our approach so strongly that we’re personally invested in the same portfolios we offer to our clients.”

- Bob Sewell, President and CEO, Bellwether Investment Management


Disciplined dividend growth

We created—and trademarked—our disciplined dividend growth strategy because affluent investors deserve a carefully researched, time-tested, experience-based approach to their portfolios. Disciplined dividend growth is intended to produce above average returns by focusing on equity and fixed income investments that trade on North American exchanges where we have significant expertise, solid information and abundant opportunities. We seek only high quality, compelling opportunities with companies that have strong balance sheets with proven sustainable earnings and cashflow growth.

  • A consistent, disciplined approach focused on global opportunities available through North American markets
  • Utilizing quantitative and fundamental research
  • Leads to constructing a focused portfolio – you can’t add value if you simply “buy the market”
  • Designed to deliver superior long term performance while minimizing volatility.

Solutions built for you

From specially selected North American dividend growth equities, to global tactical ETFs, to fixed income securities, we create a tailor-made approach for you, your circumstances and your risk tolerance.

Discipline and consistency

Fear and greed motivate poor investment decisions. We eliminate emotional decision-making (and help our clients do the same) with a process that emphasizes objective performance measures and prudent risk management.

Ethics above all

Investment decisions are made by portfolio managers who are held to the highest industry standard by securities regulators and our fiduciary duty. Many of our portfolio managers hold the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, the global standard in investment management. 


Are you on the right track? We'll tell you—for free!

Are you invested in the right things to reach your goals? Is your risk tolerance actually reflected in your portfolio? Are you paying too much in fees? Bring us your performance report from your bank or broker and we'll offer our advice.

Wealth management for retired clients

You've worked hard, invested well and now your efforts are paying off—literally, since your investments are a key source of income. Risk isn't so much to be managed anymore, it's to be minimized. Steady, reasonable returns are the order of the day. Your Bellwether portfolio manager or family wealth advisor will ensure your investment strategy is being implemented by the Bellwether investment committee with a single priority: to keep you comfortable well into the future. 


Need help with your life plan?

Do you have enough insurance? Will you be able to afford to send the kids/grand kids to university? What do you need in your will? Are you paying too much tax? Do you own a business or investment properties? You may need more than investment management. With Bellwether's team of skilled financial planners, you get tailor-made investment management plus help managing life.


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