Get Adaptive with your ETFs

If your goal is growth, Bellwether’s Adaptive Global ETF Strategy® is your best ally in creating an exchange-traded fund portfolio that uses global diversification and active management to capture the best returns. Our highly specialized proprietary system helps our portfolio managers make decisions based on logic and evidence, not emotion. We don’t dabble in ETFs, we’re all in. We aren’t robots, we’re real advisors who care about your results.


Is strategy the peace you've been missing?

Exchange-traded funds have become popular with investors because they offer diversification, flexibility and low fees. Robo-advisor websites will tell you that ETFs are simple to buy and sell and anyone with a little financial knowledge can do it, but strategy is critical. It's a crowded marketplace, with more than 700 listed ETFs in Canada alone and the opportunity to purchase ETFs from all over the world. We regularly adjust our clients' ETF portfolios using quantitative macro-economic analysis. As risk rises, we add fixed income ETF holdings to preserve your capital. As risk falls, we increase equities and reduce bonds to take advantage of the opportunity to increase your portfolio’s value.

Where does Adaptive fit with your portfolio strategy?

Every Bellwether client gets the advantage of the Adaptive Global ETF Strategy, whether they’re working with a Bellwether investment manager or a Bellwether family wealth advisor.

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