We grow responsibly, too

Just like you, we want to manage our growth in keeping with our principles.

That’s why every portfolio management company that’s become part of the Bellwether family since 2010 was selected with the same values-oriented strategic mindset that we use to manage your investments.

We looked for experienced teams that were committed to preserving their clients’ capital and had rigorous (and independently monitored) controls to protect their clients’ interests. We also looked for strengths that would complement ours, so we could provide even better service to discerning affluent families across Canada and internationally.

Whether you were originally a client of Bellwether, archerETF, Index, Crestridge or Adaptive Asset Management, today you’re a client of Canada’s first “multi-boutique” investment management company, receiving the personalized attention of a boutique firm, plus the expertise of a nationwide team of investment management professionals.


archerETF was the first to join the Bellwether family. Since 2010, archerETF’s nimble and responsive global exchange traded funds (ETF) approach has given Bellwether clients the opportunity to invest in more diverse global markets, increasing access to areas of the global economy that were historically inaccessible to North American investors. archerETF clients were also able to access Bellwether’s time-tested North American dividend strategy.


Index joined the Bellwether family in 2016. Another global-focused exchange traded funds strategist, Index—true to its name—invests mainly in index ETFs. Its investment goals are to achieve the same returns for clients as the index the particular fund is built to replicate, with little cost. This approach achieves better long-term performance with less risk than investing in individual stocks. Index also brings covered call writing to the Bellwether family.


Crestridge joined Bellwether’s multi-boutique investment management family in 2017, bringing with it a proprietary data-driven way to guide decisions about what, how much and when to buy or sell, and a rigorous way to measure portfolio returns against a client’s benchmark. These quantitative approaches complement the insights of skilled portfolio managers, who have the intelligence that comes from experience and deep knowledge of client goals.


In 2018, Adaptive became the latest addition to the Bellwether family.  Adaptive is a leading provider of intelligent, systematic portfolio management solutions for investors. The Adaptive team brings a unique quantitative approach to portfolio construction that ignores the day to day noise of the market and determines where market opportunities are trending.


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