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Bellwether Investment Management Inc. is a hand-picked team of portfolio managers and family wealth advisors from across Canada, brought together to achieve a single goal: yours. If you’re ready to spread your wings, let’s fly. Together.



The best investment is in relationships.

You shouldn’t have to trust a stranger with your future, so consider this our first life chat. Since we’re a values-based organization, let’s start with our beliefs. Here they are.

1. Trust is earned one conversation at a time.
2.  Your interests come before ours.
3.  Teamwork gets the best results.
4.  Good decisions come from discipline.
5.  Innovation is the answer to uncertainty.
6.  A global approach reduces risk.

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Are you invested in the right things to reach your goals? Is your risk tolerance actually reflected in your portfolio? Are you paying too much in fees? Bring us your performance report from your bank or broker and we'll offer our advice.

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Strategies for Retirement

If you’re almost retired or already there, time is your most precious asset and money is how you’ll make the most of it. How much do you need and what’s the best way to invest it? Here is some helpful advice.


Strategies for Growth

Financing the kids’ education? Investing an inheritance? Recovering after a divorce? Planning for early retirement? We answer the top questions about investing for growth, including our strategy.


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